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Faber Electric Oven 66L FEOR66

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66L Capacity

2200 W

60 minutes timer with bell ring

Stainless steel heating elements

Convection function

Rotisserie function


Faber Electric Oven 66L FEOR66

A stable addition for anyone's kitchen this oven is intelligently crafted to make your cooking experience an enjoyable one.

The heating elements and functions in this oven are controlled and adjusted with 4 separate knobs. Therefore, operating this oven is super-simple for it is intuitive and user-friendly.

Consisting of various functions like the convection and rotisserie, there are a plethora of ways you can cook with this oven and can make your dish the best that it can be.

The inner light of this oven also serves as a minor aesthetic where users can view their food being cooked with beauty.


Capacity: 66L

Power: 2200W

60 minutes timer with bell ring

100-250 degrees temperature control

Convection function: Yes

Rotisserie function: Yes

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