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Samsung 30L Grill Microwave Oven SAM-MG30T5018CK

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Glass Touch Technology: Easy to use, responsive and sensitive touch sensor.

Healthy Grill Fry Technology: Enhanced cooking experience, healthier alternative to fry food with the best flavor and texture.

Home Desserts function: Pre-set for dessert baking, quick and easy way to make a wide selection of desserts.


Easy clean interior


Clean up after cooking much more easily. The smooth CERAMIC INSIDE™ can be cleaned without scrubbing and won’t discolor over time. The German Hohenstein Institute has approved it as 99.9% anti-bacterial. The durable surface is also 7 times more scratch and rust resistant than other interiors.

Cook even better

Triple Distribution System

Make sure that everything you cook is perfectly prepared and delicious. The unique Triple Distribution System distributes microwaves in 3 directions, so they reach into every corner and penetrate food in multiple directions. It ensures that everything is cooked much more thoroughly and evenly.

Cook food precisely

Auto Cook

Cook delicious dishes without recipes or guesswork. Auto Cook has a choice of options for the most frequently cooked dishes, such as poultry and pasta. Each is pre-programmed with the optimal mode, time and temperature. Simply select the type and weight of food and it will prepare it perfectly.

Saves on standby

ECO Mode

Cook delicious meals without it costing the earth. ECO Mode significantly reduces energy consumption with the industry’s lowest standby power. When you’re not cooking, the power used to maintain essential functions is kept to the minimum. So you can save money and help protect the environment.


Product Type

  • Grill

Installation Type

  • Freestanding

Oven Capacity

  • 30L (1.0 Cu.ft)

Material / Finishes

  • Color (Door): Pure Black
  • Color (Cabinet): Black
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Door Type: Side Swing with Handle
  • Cavity Material: Ceramic Enamel
  • Turntable Size: 318 mm
  • Display Type: LED (White)
  • Grill Heater: Sheath

Power Ratings

  • Power Source: 240V / 50hz
  • Output Power (Microwave): 900W
  • Power Consumption (Grill): 1650W
  • Power Consumption (Microwave): 1400W
  • Power Consumption (Max): 3050W
  • Power Level: 6
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