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Pensonic Electric Oven PEO2305 23L

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60 minutes timer with chime

Adjustable temperature controls up to 250?

Automatic shut off

Stainless steel


Pensonic Electric Oven PEO2305 23L

A staple for any cooking pro's kitchen, this oven is versatile in features and can deliver performances that will make your cooking experience the best that it can be.

Features include a 60 minutes timer to improve your cooking management. Also given the option to adjust the oven's temperature up to 250?, users can pick their own suited temperature depending on the food their cooking. As such, this oven highly endorses convenient cooking and is suitable for experts and novices alike.

Other functions like the selector for lower, upper and both heater serves as an intuitive outlet for cookers to operate. Capable of toasting, grilling and baking, this oven is diverse in its abilities and is definitely an enhancement to any kitchen.

Built to be durable and fashionable, the stainless steel material used for its handle, holder and control panel is an ideal fit for both reliability and aesthetics.


Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Power: 1380W

Capacity: 23L

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