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Panasonic Built-In Oven 65L HL-FD627S

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65L Capacity for a generous quantity

Large Viewing Window

Seamless screw-free design

temperature range 50~250 degree c

Defrost function

Bottomheat function

Conventional cooking function

Cooking with fan function 

Radiant grilling with double grilling function

Oven Lamp

Force cooling function for safety


Panasonic Built-In Oven 65L HL-FD627S

Panasonic Built-In Oven 65L HL-FD627S has multiple convenient functions at it's arsenal for efficient and effective cooking experiences. Firstly, it is designed to be seamless screw-free for easy cleaning and non-obstructing. It is build with a capacity of 65L to cook for a generous quantity. The defrost functions helps defrost many products with ease. It also is equipped with bottom heat function which provide focused heating on lower area. The conventional cooking function allows top-down equal heating. Besides, there is a fan cooking function which ensures air circulation in heating that helps create crispiness on dishes. Lastly, with built-in oven lamp that allows clear monitoring of progress.


  • "U"-frame SUS design
  • 65L Capacity and Large viewing window
  • Seamless screw-free design for easy cleaning
  • Temperature range of 50 to 250 Degree Celsius
  • Functions: Defrost, Bottomheat for focused heat on bottom area, Conventional cooking with equal top down temperature
  • Safety features of force cooling
  • Radiant grilling function with double grilling capability
  • Cooking with Fan function is available for better circulation of heat which improves crispiness on food's surfaces
  • Oven lamp available for progress monitoring
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 595mm x 575mm x 595mm
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Capacity (L)
40 Liter & Above