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Elba Juice Extractor ELB-EJEG1183A(SS)

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Pulse Function

Safety Locking System

Stainless Steel Grater and Filter

Safety Micro Switch

85mm Extra Wide Feeder


Elba Juice Extractor ELB-EJEG1183A(SS)

This juice extractor is both performance-driven and sustainable with features enhancing its overall capabilities.

One of its key features includes the pulse function that greatly improves its performance that ensures the best version of the juice made available. And pairing it with the stainless steel grater, the juice produced is guaranteed to be clean and fresh without other unnecessary remnants of the fruits used.

Besides that, this juice extractor also has the switch control for 2 different kinds of speed where users can alternate from based on their personal preference. During operation, this extractor had the safety locking system integrated with it, ensuring that the moving process does not affect the extractor.

Additionally, for better user experience, this extractor is also equipped with an extra wide feeder that allows users to more easily utilize this extractor with lesser strength.


Power Consumption(W): 800W

Voltage(V): 220-240

Juice Cup Capacity(ml): 1,100ml

Pulp Cup Capacity(ml): 2,500ml

Switch Control: 2-Speed

Pulse Function: Yes

Safety Locking System: Yes

Stainless Steel Grater and Filter: Yes

Safety Micro Switch: Yes

85mm Extra Wide Feeder: Yes

Accessories: Blender| Chopper| Juicer|Grinder

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