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Pensonic Juice Extractor PEN-PJ6900S

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Streamline design

Unique detachable parts

Non-slip rubber feet

Stainless steel

Two speed control section

Overheat protector


Two-speed control section

Compact but high power inverter compressor capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while adjusting cooling power. Also providing efficient low power cooling with microcomputer control, Eco Thermo Sensor

1.5L pulp container & 750ml juice cup

Contains a pulp container and juice cup that users can conveniently use to store unwanted pulps

75mm diameter feeding tube

A large feeding tube that is able to juice carrots, apples, and pears in whole

Stainless steel blade assembly

Clean, efficient and does the job with the stainless steel material used for the blades

Classy design

Vogue, simplicity and rich in a streamlined design

Non-slip rubber feet

Ensures stability for the juicer would not topple or vibrate as much during operation

Overheat protector

Overheat protector on powerful motor and safety lock device


Voltage (V): 220-240

Frequency(Hz): 50/60

Power (W): 600

Capacity(L): 1.5 pulp container & 0.75 juice cup

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