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Faber FIC2011S Slim Design Induction Cooker

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Temperature: 60?C-240?C

Touch Control

Child lock & Timer

Table Top Used


Faber FIC2011S Slim Design Induction Cooker

Convenient and safe, this induction cooker is a must-have for any household that is aiming for cooking the perfect dish for their family and friends.

Installed with an intuitive touch control, it is both sleek and beautiful. Hence, navigating and using this cooker is a breeze where you can get your cooking up and started in no time.

Safe and secure, this cooker is also geared with a child lock and timer function. The child lock works in a way that prevents unsupervised usage from kids and the timer serves as a brilliant system to manage your cooking process for the best possible result.

With such capabilities, this cooker will no doubt serve as a valuable asset to your kitchen.


  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz
  • Power: 2000W
  • Temperature: 60?C-240?C
  • Touch Control: Yes
  • Child lock & Timer: Yes
  • Table Top Used: Yes
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