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Elba Thermo Pot ELB-ETPD6013(WH)

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360 Degree Rotating base

304 Stainless Steel

Dry-boiled Protection


Elba Thermo Pot ELB-ETPD6013(WH)

This thermo pot is safe, secure and efficient with multiple features to improve its performance. 

For instance, security is guaranteed through its dry-boiled protection that automatically cuts the power when there is no longer any water left in the thermo pot saving you electricity. 

Besides that, the materials that it is built upon is stainless steel which means that this thermo pot is impervious to rust and is less dirty making it very easy to maintain on the long run. 

Integrated with the 360 degree rotating base, this thermo pot can alter its direction at the users preference making it extremely convenient on different occasions with a 3 different ways like Auto, Manual and Cup.


Power Consumption(W): 730W

Capacity: 6.0L

Auto Reboil: Yes

Keep Warm: Yes

Dispenser(Way): 3 way (Auto, Manual, Cup)

Heating Element: Base Type

360 Swivel Base: 360 Degree Rotating base

Inner Pot: 304 Stainless Steel

Water Level Indicator: Yes

Temperature Settings :No

Dispenser With Lock/Unlock :No

Safety Protection :Dry-boiled Protection

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