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Panasonic Air Pot NC-HU401P

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VIP Saves Energy Keeping Warm

4 Types of Temperature

Energy Saving Timer

Easy-To-See LCD Panel

Electric Water Dispenser

Binchotan Carbon

Overheating Protection

Safety Lock


Panasonic Air Pot NC-HU401P

The Panasonic Air Pot NC-HU401P is not your ordinary thermo pot. It is packed with an array of advanced features, making it convenient, reliable and energy-saving. Featuring a 4-speed dispenser which automatically increases or decreases the volume of hot water dispensed, controlled by how long and how hard the button is pressed.

The inner pot with vacuum insulation panel helps save energy by keeping the hot water’s temperature optimum, just like a thermos flask. It also has an energy saving timer which helps reduce electricity bills by automatically regulating heating when the pot is not in use.

Having a rechargeable capacitor allows this thermo pot to use the electric pump without the power cord connected. It can be useful when you need to carry it to the dining table where there’s no power outlet in range.


Capacity: 4.0 L

Power: 21 Wh (at 98°C)

Gross Weight: 3.5 kg

Dimension (H x W x D): 338 x 345 x 326 mm 

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Capacity (L)
4 - 4.9 Liter