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Panasonic 1.8L IH Rice Cooker PSN-SRHB184

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Happy moments begin with hearty rice. Now make these precious moments even better with this ultimate rice cooker. 


7 Layer Inner Pan - Diamond-Ceramic Coating

The durable Diamond-Ceramic Coating on the inner pan withstands brushing up to 110,000 times or more. This durability lets you wash the rice right inside the cooker.

Working IH place by the cooking process

The heat is regulated to match the cooking process, so you get consistently delicious rice.

5 Layer IH Stronger Heat

5-layer IH surrounds the pot with uniform heat and traps secondary heat or fluffy cooked rice.

Various Local Menus Programs 

Separate menus are provided for cooking short grain and long grain rice. (Regular, quick, delicious, 1-2 person, congee, casserole), brown rice, multi-grains, soup, cake, steam

Easy To Use

Removable lid-heating element and seamless parts design for easy maintenance. The top panel detaches easily and can be immersed in water.


  • 1.8L
  • 5-Layer IH for high cooking technology
  • 7-Layer inner pan with ceramic coating
  • Diamond " KAMADO" pan with gold powder
  • One-touch detachable inner lid and clear frame
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Data sheet

Capacity (L)
1 - 1.9 Liter