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Elba Gas Stove 8125SS (Silver)

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2 Burners

Brass Burner Ring

Automatic Piezo Ignition

Enamel Pan Support


Elba Gas Stove 8125SS (Silver)

A reliable stove and elegant in design, this is a staple for every kitchen that wants to produce the best dishes.

Along with its durable body, this stove supports enamel pans during operation. The automatic Piezo Ignition System also enhances its overall performance. Its brass burner ring is also sturdy and reliable and is fit for any condition.

Overall, this gas stove is both solid and stable that also checks all the boxes for a staple home appliance.


  • Number of Burners: 2
  • Burner Size: Ø 125 x 125mm Brass Burner Ring
  • Pan Support: Enamel
  • Automatic Piezo Ignition: Yes
  • Product Dimension (mm)(WxHxD): 710 x 100 x 380
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