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Pensonic PGH619S Stainless Steel Hob

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Stainless steel

Cooker hob

Super-high flames


Pensonic PGH619S Stainless Steel Hob

Upgrade your home with a sustainable and reliable steel hob.

With this hob, cooking has never been easier. Built with stainless steel and possessing the ability to churn high level of flames gives for a strong performance that is worthy of any kitchen.

And for safety measures, this hob is also integrated with a safety valve that ensures that users are safe and secure while cooking. 


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Rated heat input: 7.7 KW
  • Auto battery operated ignition: Yes
  • Actual dimension: 720(L) x 410(W) x 125(H) (mm)
  • Cast iron trivet: Yes
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