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Elba Jug Kettle ELB-EJKE0811GR

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Removable & Washable Filter

Food-grade Plastic

Water Level Indicator

Dry Boiled Protection

Safety Locking Lid

Automatic Boiling & Switch Off


Elba Jug Kettle ELB-EJKE0811GR

This jug kettle is a convenient and sustainable appliance that excels in what it does with features that enhances its performance.

For example, the built for this kettle is mainly made of food-plastic both inner body and body material. Hence, this kettle is highly resistant to chemicals which ensures cleanliness and efficiency.

Besides that, there many other helpful features that conveniently assists its users. For instance, there is a useful water level indicator for users to gauge the amount of water is in the kettle.

Filter-wise, the filter for this kettle is removable, enabling users to easily clean, change and wash the filter and making sure the kettle is in the perfect condition. Also, this kettle is integrated with the automatic boiling function and the dry protection mechanism.


Power Consumption(W): 900 – 1,100W

Capacity: 0.8L

Body Material: Food-grade Plastic

Inner Body: Food-grade Plastic

Heating Element: Concealed

360 Degree, Cordless Base: Yes

Water Level Indicator: Yes

Dry Boiled Protection: Yes

Safety Locking Lid: Yes

Automatic Boiling & Switch Off: Yes

Product Dimension(cm): 20.0 (W) x 13.2 (L) x 18.5 (H)

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