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Faber Toast & Grill Sandwich Maker FBR-FSM610

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2-Pilot Lights

Trendy and unique design

Toast or grill sandwiches

Upright storage

Safety cut-off feature


Faber Toast & Grill Sandwich Maker FSM 610

The Faber Sandwich Maker FSM 610 makes sandwiches the way you want them to be. It can toast and grill, so you can try different kinds of sandwiches.

It's trendy and unique design makes it look good in any kitchen, and the upright storage design allows it to be easily stored when not in use and saves space.

Using only 750W, it's definitely an energy saver. For safety wise, it's equipped with cut off features to avoid any mishaps.


  • Trendy & unique design
  • Upright storage
  • 2 pilot lights
  • Safety cut off features
  • Power: 750W
  • Pack size: 255 x 121 x 262mm
  • Gross weight: 1.6kg
  • Colour: White
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