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Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge HSE-RR60D4AGN

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Recessed Handle

Integrated Cabinet

Adjustable Front Legs

2 Door Basket

Interior Lighting


Hisense 310L 2 Door Fridge HSE-RT328N4CGN

Looking for a fridge that is simple, affordable and cute? If that is what you are looking for then Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge is the perfect fridge for you. Weighing only 13.5kg, this fridge is extremely convenient to handle and due to its small stature and is much more mobile then its larger counterpart. 

Not only is it mobile, it is also user-friendly, for which it has adjustable parts like adjustable front legs for you to change to your liking. And for a miniature fridge, the Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge can hold quite an amount and is able to contain up to 42L at least. 


Capacity: 42L

Power: 220-240V / 50Hz

Weight: 13.5kg

Net Dimension: 439mm X 470mm X 510mm

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