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Elba Infrared Griller ELB-EGLF1401IRBK

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Elba Infrared Griller ELB-EGLF1401IRBK

This griller is practical and versatile that delivers in performance with features to enhance its capabilities.

For instance, the fumeless infrared heating allows heating of the highest quality and ensures that you have the best delicacies available. Equipped with a heating arm and a 360° rotatable non-stick grill pan this griller offers a lot of mobility that can greatly improve the overall user experience.

Other features include adjustable temperature in which users can alter easily to suit their preference. Hence, this griller will always provide you with the suitable temperature, making sure that your food is properly grilled to perfection.


  • Power Consumption(W): 1,450W
  • Voltage(V): 220-240
  • Fumeless Infrared Heating: Yes
  • 360° Rotatable Non-stick Grill Pan: Yes
  • 45° Rotation of Heating Arm: Yes
  • Adjustable Temperature: Yes
  • Accessories: Circular and Rectangular Grill Pan| Oil Reservoir|
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