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Panasonic SC-HTB250 Compact Sound Bar

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Wireless Subwoofer 






Experience dynamic, lifelike sound

The HTB250 Sound Bar produces powerful, high-quality sound that is difficult to imagine considering its compact body. Combining two full-range speakers to surround the listener with clear acoustics, stereophonic effects, and incredible power. This superb sound brings even more realism to all your favorite content.

Advanced technologies for excellent sound quality

Featuring two 10x4 cm full-range speakers, this speaker system includes a high-output amp of 80W. The H.BASS function also reinforces the low-frequency range of deliver incredible bass. Virtual Surround fills the entire listening space and Sound modes let you choose the sound that best suits the picture.

The wireless subwoofer adds greater depth to the sound

The wireless subwoofer can be installed vertically or horizontally. Either way adds further depth to the high-quality sound of the 14cn speaker unit. And Bass Reflex to boost the robust, low-frequency tones. It all adds to the realitic sensation of the movies or music you enjoy.

A compact size ideal for Panasonic TVs

The compact design sits comfortably between the TV stands, fitting nicely under the TV frame and integrating with the TV. The simple and elegant curved from totally matches the ensemble. The slim subwoofer can be installed either vertically or horizontally. If horizontal, it can also be placed in a TV rack.

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