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Belkin 2 Meters High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet F3Y020BT2M

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HD 1080p resolution






Belkin 2 Meters High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet BKN-F3Y020BT2M

Sturdy and reliable. This HDMI cable is suitable for users who want to watch their movies and videos in the highest quality.

Able to support 1080p resolution, be prepared to watch movie scenes and clips close to reality. Submerge into the awesomeness and view at a different level with your family and friends.

Designed not only for HDTVs and Set-Top, but this HDMI is also perfectly compatible with games. Therefore, with this HDMI your game quality will improve drastically and the visuals will be more refined and optimised for your suitability.

Besides that, the double-shielding provides isolation from interferences which in all, improves the overall quality of its performance.

As such, this Belkin HDMI is super-reliable and is a staple to any household.


  • Supports up to HD 1080p resolution
  • Double-shielding provides isolation from interference
  • Perfect For: HDTV, Set-Top and Game
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