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Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW72225SOB

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77 cm

2 Burners (4,5 kW)

Cast iron Pan Support

Cut out Dimension:W(700mm) x D(400mm)

Actual Product Dimension:H(143.9mm) x W( 750mm) X D(450mm)


Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW72225SOB

The Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW72225SOB has a Cast iron pan supports. This is an excellent feature for the placement of coffee pots or other pots. Coffee lovers don’t want their precious coffee pots wobbling on the hob and spilling. Beko cast iron supports to add stability to your hob and a certain style too. Extra perks for the extraordinarily hip.

This Cooker Hob comes with a Gas Safety feature to provide better protection to prevent fire outbreak. Sometimes you might get distracted by the doorbell, phone, or that must-see TV cliffhanger. But never fear. Should the wind come and blow your gas flames out, or if your pan boils over while you’re under the spell of a gripping storyline, Beko’s gas safety feature will automatically turn off your gas supply, keeping you safe. No leaks, no worries.

It has 2 burners. You can cook faster using 2 burners at a time without worrying gas wastage. It allows the food's cooking to be more efficient.


  • Burner Plate: Glass
  • Ignition Type (Hob): Integrated Ignition
  • Gas Safety Device (Hob): Yes
  • Product Type: Built-In
  • Left Zone: 4,3 kW
  • Right Zone: 4,3 kW
  • Hob Type: Gas
  • Width (cm): 75
  • Hob Color: Black
  • Control Type and Place: Front Knob Control
  • Hob Burner Configuration: 2 Wok
  • Pan support type: Single - Cast Iron
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