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OGAWA Smart Jazz

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Jazz Up Your Soul

3D Immerse Sound System

Contemporary Design

Intelligent Human Touch Massage Experience

Comprehensive S+L Track Massage Mode

Combination of 4 Traditional Massage Techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking & Knead-Knocking

Complete satisfaction for your senses: Airbag Massage, Foot Reflexology, Thermo Therapy, Zero Gravity & Zero Wall

7 Automated Program: Sweet Dreams, Stretch, Stress Care, Lisa Signature, Energize, Deep Tissue & Beauty SPA


Contemporary Design

Simplicity meets sophistication, Smart Jazz is all about the utmost personalized relaxation, accentuated by a modern aesthetic with plaid line, rose gold embellished and premium finishing for day-to-day comfort and quality.

Intelligent Human Touch Massage Experience

IMT Control Technology (Intelligent Motorised Timer)The intelligent motorized timer is a unique feature that enables the roller to simulate a human-like tempo for a true massage experience. The IMT Control technology with 0.5 seconds pause for deeper protrusion and a more realistic human-hand feel.

Comprehensive S + L Massage TrackThe combination of S-track and L-track follows the body’s contour, from head to thigh, and focuses on the acupuncture points with high precision. Extensive S + L Track ensures the comprehensive massage coverage range of the torso part, allowing the guide rail to drive the massage movement on both sides of the spine, with the pressure sensor monitors the strength of the massage movement, and works with delicate and gentle massage techniques to massage the spine and back in order to relieve pressure.

Combination of 4 Traditional Massage Techniques

Kneading: To relieve tightness; increase flexibility.

Tapping: To radiates positive vibes; stimulates feel-good hormones.

Knocking: To improve heart health; improves blood circulation.

Knead-Knocking: To relax the muscles; increase circulation; promotes cell repair.

Complete Satisfaction for Your Senses

Equipped with integrated airbags, the Smart Jazz utilizes air massage technology to stimulate vital pressure points located all over your body.Slide your arms into the side air pockets and the airbags will tenderly massage your hands and arms. Then, sit back and let the airbags shape and tone your hips, while calves and feet receive the ultimate air massage treatment.

3D Guasha Foot Reflexology

Experience a whole new level of feet reflexology. Combination of thermal airbags and foot rollers delivers a reflexology experience that’s soulfully yours. The Smart Jazz is fitted with kneading massage rollers that focus on specific acupressure points on the soles of the feet to effectively expel the body’s toxins and promote blood.

Thermo Therapy

Be embraced by rejuvenating comfort from the heat therapy. Experience massage with gentle warmth designed to improve blood circulation and to relieve sore and pain around the lower back and waist areas.

Zero Gravity

Experience utmost peace and weightlessness in zero gravity mode. Release yourself from any form of physical pressure in this state of perfect equilibrium. Zero Wall Smart Jazz does not require a gap before the wall to fully recline, thanks to its zero-wall design. A massage chair with zero gravity massage (126± 7) and a small footprint is no longer just a dream.

Automated Program

1.Sweet Dreams : Light Intensity

• Massage area: 50% neck, 50% hips, with tension-free swinging

• Functions: For those who have insufficient sleep time, insomnia, and night sleepers•Strength: Level 1

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