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Panasonic ERGC51 Men's Waterproof Trimmer

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Precision cutting blade

19 precise length settings

Washable body


Creatively design and style your hair and beard

Changing attachments and settings changes your look. Go for a neat and refined appearance or a more rugged, casual look

Moving blades with inverted taper shape

The moving blades feature a specially designed inverted taper shape to firmly catch and cut hairs that are often missed

Precision cutting with 45° Blade

Durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge cut with high precision. Their sharp edges quickly cut through even hard, thick hairs

Sharp, precise lines made easy

Use the clipper to easily make sharp, precise lines on your hairline, jaw, neck, and other areas. The secret to this extra precision is the narrow gap between the moving and fixed blades


  • Number of Attachment Combs: 1
  • Adjustable Length: 1.0-10 mm (Without attachment?0.5 mm)
  • Adjustment Dial: 19 steps
  • Adjustment Dial: (0.5 mm pitch)
  • Blade Type: Stainless steel
  • Blade Type: (45 degrees edges)
  • Charging Time: Approx. 8 hour
  • Washable: Yes
  • Universal Voltage: Yes
  • Charge Indicator Lamp: LED
  • Replacement Blade: WER9615
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): Approx. 173 x 51 x 44 mm
  • Weight (Not including attachments): Approx. 157 g
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