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Panasonic Rechargeable Oral Irrigator EW1211W311

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Gentle cleaning

Three-level water jet intensity

130 ml tank


Effective dental care with 2 water jets

Choose from 2 water jets to suit your needs and preference. Jet mode: a powerful and pulsating high-pressure water jet shoots directly between the teeth. Air in jet mode: pulsating streams of water mixed with air shoot intermittently to clean periodontal pockets and stimulate the gums

Advanced triple oral care

You can thoroughly maintain oral hygiene with interdental care, periodontal pocket care and gum care. In fact, Panasonic EW1211 not only cleans your teeth but it also gently massages and cares for your gums

Rechargeable oral irrigator

Panasonic EW1211, the compact complement to your oral hygiene regime. Get rid of food residues from areas where even the best toothbrush can’t reach. 



Highlight: In the grip of integrated water

Water Container: 130 ml

Pump Frequency: 1400 pulses per minute

Endurance: 35 sec./filling

Water Pressure: Up to 590 kPa in 3 steps

Interchangeable Brushes: Yes

Timer: No

Foldable: No

Intense steps: 3

Water tank integrated with the handle: Yes


Colour: Blue-white

Power Source: 2.4 V DC| 100 - 240 V AC| 50/60 Hz

Operating Time (minutes): 15.0

Dimensions(mm): Width 57.0| Height 197.0| Depth 74.0

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