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Hisense TQ series, Non-inverter, R32, 1.5Hp-4D airflow - HSE-AN13TQG

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R32 Refrigerant

Energy saving

Copper pipes

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R32 Refrigerant

Compared with R32 and other HCFC refrigerants, R32 has lower ozone depletion potential with better cooling efficiency. This refrigerant will also reduce the impact on global warming while working with lower power consumption

Energy-saving up to 38%

Combined with the latest technology of Hisense, through a series of product optimization to ensure that the power consumption of Hisense air conditioner is significantly cut down

I Feel

The Sensor in the wireless remote control allows it to sense the surrounding temperature and transmit the information to the indoor unit operates according to the sensed temperature. Smart temperature controls present a more precise and comfortable environment while saving power

100% Copper Pipes

All range of Hisense air-conditioners' evaporator and condenser are made by copper, instead of aluminum. Because compared with aluminum pipes, copper pipes have higher temperature and pressure resistance, which can ensure better operating safety, better hardness and weldability can ensure longer lifetime and easier maintenance   


Type: Non-Inverter

HP: 1.5HP

Cooling Capacity (Btu/h): 12,283

Rated Input-Cooling (W): 1,100

Air Circulation: (m3/h): 660

Compressor Type: Rotary

Display: LED

Sleep Operation: Yes

Smart Function: Yes

Super Function: Yes

Auto Restart: Yes

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