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Panasonic CS-U10VKH 1.0HP Premium Inverter Aero Series

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Shower cooling

R32 refrigerant

Fast cooling

Installation Service

Premium Inverter Aero Series Air Conditioner

As part of our commitment in bringing you Quality Air For Life, Panasonic now introduces a full range of air design solutions consisting of 4 vital categories - Complete Air Solutions

Different cooling methods

Alternate between cooling methods and get the best out of your air conditioner

Shower Cooling - Concentrated Airflow, Further, Faster

The AEROWINGS is controlled by 2 independent motors and dual independent flaps. Airflow is delivered at a faster pace, spreading further at a concentrated level

Aero Slim Design

Classy tone with a soft, pearly glow. Chrome escutcheon with a sense of luxury


  • Refrigerant type: R32
  • Cooling capacity: 2.80 (0.84-3.28)
  • nanoe-G: Yes
  • Odour-Removing Function: Yes
  • Removable| Washable Panel: Yes
  • Radiant Cooling: No
  • iAUTO-X: Yes
  • ECONAVI: Yes
  • Temperature Wave: Yes
  • SLEEP: Yes
  • Inverter Control: Yes
  • iAUTO: No
  • Quiet Mode: Yes
  • Soft Dry Operation Mode: Yes
  • Personal Airflow Creation: Yes
  • Airflow Direction Control (Up Down): No
  • Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control: No
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