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Hatari 18-Inch SIRIM Certified Industrial Stand Fan IP18M1 Black

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SIRIM Malaysia Certified

Made in Thailand

adjustable fan speed settings

Adjustable height from 122 to 158 cm

High efficiency motors with automatic ball bearing system

Automatic cutoff thermal fuse system


Hatari 18-inch Stand Fan IP18M1

Enjoy a cooling and comfortable environment with Hatari 18-inch Stand Fan IP18M1. It provides a strong airflow which can provide lots of chilling cool to the surrounding.

Designed to improve airflow in intimate spaces, the Hatari Stand Fan offers the perfect combination of style and substance. Its sleek, retro look, conveys a sense of sophisticated simplicity that recalls a bygone era when things were made to last.

Portable and reliable, it is an effective and convenient stand fan that will look good anywhere.

It has 3 fan speed choices which allow you to choose the fan's speed that you want for the most comfort cooling feeling.

The Adjustable left-right swinging movements and cease feature in this stand fan allows you to move the fan to the desired angle that brings the most comfort to you. 


SIRIM Malaysia Certified

Propeller Size: 18-Inch Length

Voltage: 220/240V 50Hz

Electric Power: 114 W

Electric Current: 0.56 A

Revolution: 1282 round/min

Service Value: 1.10 m³/min/W

Control Switch: Switch

Gross Weight: 10.3 kg

W x L x H: 56.5 x 56.5 x 158.0 cm

Made in Thailand

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