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Panasonic Exhaust Fan PSN-FV20AUM

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Unique Q-blades for low noise

Energy-saving, high performance motor

Automatic shutters

Built-in oil receptor

Simple and easy installation


Panasonic Exhaust Fan PSN-FV20AUM

The Panasonic FV20AUM is a great exhaust fan for your home. It extracts smoke, oil, fume, heat and odour from places such as kitchen, toilet and room to the outside of the house. It is easy to install with just 4 simple steps and it won’t detract from the appearance of the surrounding. Besides having a Thermal Safety Fuse, it is also energy-saving so you continue to use it for as long as necessary without worrying about high electricity costs.

This exhaust fan’s distinctively designed blades keep noise to a minimum during operation so that you can carry on with your activities without any disruption. An advanced aerodynamic principle is applied to the all-new blade design, and as a result, any complications against airflow are minimized. It is also easy to maintain as its unique design makes it easy to dismantle and reassemble for cleaning.

Additional to the great design are shutters which automatically open when in operation and close when the fan is turned off so that dust and pollutants from the outside do not get in. It also has oil receptors which makes it most suitable to be used in the kitchen. Thanks to the long life bearing and high-performance condenser, the exhaust fan now has a 60,000 hours lifetime compared to 30,000 hours which the previous models have.


Fan Size: 20 cm

R.P.M.: 1205

CFM: 318

Air Volume: 9 m³/min

Motor: 17 W

Noise: 37 dB

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