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Haier 8kg Top Load Washing Machine HAI-HWM80SX3

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Plastic Body

2 tone color design

Transparent Lid

Soak Master


Air Dry


Haier 8kg Top Load Washing Machine HAI-HWM80SX3

This large 8kg Haier Top Load Washing Machine HAI-HWM80SX3 is a top load washing machine with water conservation in mind, and it reduces the water level for small loads, which reduces your water bill, and uses a very good adjustable temperature control system.

Using this washer will surprise you on many levels. It functions beautifully, and the spin function allows your clothing to be almost completely dry before you even think about hanging it out to dry.

It is equipped with Soak Master technology which designed to get rid of stains more effectively. Now stubborn stains that extend deep into the fabric are effectively cleaned with soak cycle washing. For 20 minutes maximum, "wash" and "soak" are repeated so that detergent can soak into all the fabric, then the washer enters the main "wash" mode. This removes stains easier and more efficient.


  • Model Number: HWM80-SX3
  • Variable Spin: Yes
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Yes
  • Type: Semi-Auto
  • Capacity_wash: 6
  • Mix: Yes
  • ECO: Yes
  • Pre-Wash: Yes
  • Quick Wash: Yes
  • Spin: Yes
  • Soft: Yes
  • Anti-Rust Zinc Cabinet Material: Yes
  • Transparent Window: Yes
  • SD Core Inverter: No
  • Strong Wash: No
  • Underwear: No
  • Self-Clean: No
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