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Faber FV 8 W Ventilation Fan FBR-FV8W

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Faber FV 8 W Ventilation Fan FBR-FV8W

The Faber FV 8 W Ventilation Fan is a multi-feature ventilation fan that delivers the best performance and excels at what it does. 

More importantly, this fan is highly durable and is very sustainable due to its motor being designed with inner protection, making it very suitable for harsh conditions like in factories and workplaces. 

Not only is the motor durable, but it also performs admirably with its astounding airflow efficiency which guarantees users good winds. Additionally, the operation for this fan is very silent for it is integrated with the balanced Q blades where it does not produce loud sound and users can work without any possible annoyance. 

Besides that, this fan is also very convenient and can save users from a lot of hassle. This is due to the fact that this fan surface is specially treated for easy cleaning and compared to the other ventilation fans in the market, this is one of the easier ones to clean and manage. 


Size: 8"

Power: 30W

Voltage: 220V-240V /50Hz

Air Volume: 280 - 300 (CFM)

Air Delivery: 8.0 - 8.5 (M3/min)

Fan Speed: 1200 - 1450 (RPM)

Noise Level: 40 (dB)

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