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Midea 10L Air Cooler MID-MAC120AR

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3-Speed Fan

Auto Shut-Off

Wide Angle Oscillation


7-Hour Time Settings

Air Purifying Effect


Midea 10L Air Cooler MID-MAC120AR

This air cooler is both efficient and multi-functional and has features that greatly boosts its performance level and is able to deliver a performance that maximizes satisfaction for users.

One of its best features includes the air purifying effect. Hence, not only does this air cooler keeps the air fresh, but it is also able to cleanse the air which ensures users that the air is always and consistently fresh and clean for them to savor.

Besides that, to further improve its cleansing capabilities, this air cooler is also integrated with the ionizer mechanism and is capable of destroying most dust particles in the air.

Build-wise, this air cooler is intelligently designed like the wide-angle oscillation that allows the air cooler to cover a wide range of area when it operates. Also installed with multiple options, users can choose different time settings to control the duration where the air cooler operates.

And to conserve users electricity, this air cooler has an auto turn-off function that when the room is dry enough, the cooler will automatically stop operating, meaning that it is able to avoid overheating and unnecessary wastage of electricity.


Capacity(L): 10.0

Product Depth(mm): 380.0

Product Width(mm): 330.0

Product Height(mm): 736.0

Gross Weight: 7.6kg

Net Weight: 10.2kg

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