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LG 3.5kg TWIN Load Washer with Perfect solution for daily laundry LG-T2735NTWV

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Compatible with LG-F2718RVTV and LG-F2721HTWV

Twin Wash Mini 3.5kg Direct Drive Motor



6 Cycles

Full Touch Control Panel

LED Display


Slim Inverter DD

Slimmed down to fit the TWINWash™Mini, providing precise control and durability.

Perfect Solution for Delicates and Daily loads

The LG TWINWash®Mini lets you run small loads as often as you like. You can even do several loads a day for essential items like baby wear or daily items.

Delicate Wash

TWINWash® Mini is the perfect size for hand wash or delicates. Now, you can stop your laundry from piling up by running small loads as often as you like


LG TWINWash™Mini is compatible with WD-SR1709VM and LG F2721STWV.


  • Wash Capacity (kg): 3.5kg
  • Body Color: VCM
  • Window Color: Silver
  • Display: LED
  • Control: Full Touch
  • DD Motor: Yes
  • Heater: Yes
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