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Toshiba 12kg Washing Machine TSB-AWDC1300WM

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12 kg

Direct Drive Inverter

Mega Power Wash

Hydro Twin Power


The modern-looking Toshiba top load washing machine is ideal for the family household and features a Super Direct Drive Inverter motor which delivers better washing and drying performance with less vibration and noise.

S-DD Inverter

The Next Generation of Direct Drive Motor is S-DD Inverter Motor 48 new magnet named Neodymium are used, which are more powerful and energy-saving than Ferrite magnet which is used for DD Inverter Motor. The features for S-DD are low noise & high accuracy, powerful & rapid rotation, less energy consumption, thin & light.

Star Crystal Drum

The beautifully designed drum which has soft curve mounds produces cleaner yet gentler washing performance. The hand wash effect simulated, prevents damage to clothing during wash and spin cycle.

Mega Power Pulsator

Even better washing performance is achieved by the powerful pulsator moving clothes in a 3-Dimensional direction, achieved by having a firmer grip on clothes.

Hydro Twin Power

Powerful and fast water flow is generated through a twin water injection system. Face no problems with stubborn stains and dirt as the hydro-charged water goes deep into the fibres of your clothing. Even when the wash load is small, a similar performance can be accomplished, thanks to the lower twin water outlets.

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