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Pensonic 14Kg Semi Auto Washing Machine PEN-PWS1404

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Semi-automatic washing machine

Plastic body free from rust

Anti-pets design

Spin dryer safety function

Water inlet selection

Air dry function


Pensonic 14Kg Semi Auto Washing Machine PEN-PWS1404

This washing machine is advance and multi-functional that has features that greatly enhances its capabilities, improving its overall performance.

For instance, its plastic body is intelligently built to be impervious from rust, making it consistently clean and pairing that with the anti-pets design this washing machine blocks rats and other pests from potential disruption which makes it very sustainable.

Besides that, this washing machine has a spin dryer safety function that works as a precautionary mechanism that is when if the lid is open during operation this washing machine will automatically stop spinning, avoiding potential mishaps.

Additionally, this washing machine is also integrated with the air-dry function that conveniently removes most of the moistures in clothes, saving users a lot of hassle.


  • Wash capacity(kg): 14.0
  • Spin capacity(kg): 4.6
  • Rated washing power consumption(W): 400
  • Rate spinning power consumption(W): 135
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