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Panasonic 10kg Front Load Washer PSN-NAV10FX1

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99.99% Bacteria Elimination

Stain Removal and Allergy Care

Lift Stains Easily

Stylish, Minimalist Design

Safe and Reliable


Protect Your Baby from Bacteria

Baby clothes get dirty easily, and even if you hand wash them it’s still hard to remove invisible harmful bacteria. With a combination of UV light and Ag ions, Panasonic's Blue Ag+ technology eliminates 99.99%*1 of bacteria, and has a powerful antibacterial effect. Since it's a normal temperature water wash, there's no worry of damaging your baby's clothes. NOTE: Blue Ag+ can be used for loads of up to 3 kg. *1 Certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories. 

Safe & Reliable

UV-A light is safe for humans, Ag (silver) ions have been proven to be useful for hygiene purposes, and Panasonic has made it easy to replace the device. Dr. Kourai shares his expertise on the effectiveness of Blue Ag+, its safety, and the convenience it offers mothers with daily laundry chores.(Hiroki KOURAI, Dr., an advisor to The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan)


  • Loading Capacity (Wash): 10 kg

Basic Specification

  • Spin Speed (max.): 1,400 rpm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 596 x 600 x 845 mm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Voltage / Frequency: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
  • Drum Opening Size: 360 mm
  • Control Panel Type: LED Display
  • Body Color: SUS Silver look

Wash Features

  • ActiveFoam System: Yes
  • Active Speed Wash: Yes
  • 3D Sensor Wash: Yes
  • Blue Ag+: Yes(up to 3 kg)
  • StainMaster+: Yes


  • Laundry load sensor
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Laundry material sensor
  • Inverter: Yes

Convenient Features

  • Detergent Case/ Turbo Mixer: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Auto Power Off: Yes
  • Auto Restart: Yes
  • Alpha Drum: Yes
  • Guidance Function: Cycle end buzzer
  • Delay Start (Time Delay): Yes (24 hours)
  • Drain Pump: Yes


  • Number of Programs: 14
  • Normal: Yes
  • Daily Wash: Yes
  • Synthetic: Yes
  • Delicates: Yes
  • Bedding: Yes
  • Cotton: Yes
  • Tub Clean: Yes
  • Active Speed 38: Yes
  • Rapid 15: Yes
  • Soak: Yes


  • Allergy: Yes
  • Mud: Yes
  • Oily Sauce: Yes
  • Collar & Sleeve: Yes
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