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Beko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine WMY81283LB2

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8kg capacity

Automatic Water Control System

AquaWave Drum Pattern

GentleCare 20°™ Program

16 of washing programs



You and your favourite shirt have been through a lot together, and throwing it in the washing machine is always a tough choice. With Beko AquaWave® technology, there’s no need to worry. Aided by a set of paddles and a specially designed drum pattern, a wave-like motion is created to gently move your laundry inside the machine, giving garments more exposure and increasing drying performance. You’ll save on energy too. You and your favourite shirt will have a lot more nights-out to come

Xpress Super Short (‘14)

Can’t wait to wear that brand new garment? Of course, you don’t want to be wearing it straight from the shop because who knows how many other people have tried it on before you – eww. It needs a quick run through the washing machine to make sure it’s really clean before you wear it. Luckily, you’ve got the Xpress Super Short 14-minute cycle* on your Beko washing machine, so you won’t have to wait long. Your outfit will be washed and ready by the time you make plans to show the world your new fabulous look. *For 2kg of lightly soiled garments


That’s funny. You don’t remember putting your 7-year-old niece’s wool sweater in the washing machine. Ooh, it’s your sweater, shrunk beyond recognition. We know what that feels like. Luckily Beko washing machines carry the WoolMark® Handwash Safe Care certificate for their wool program, so can look after all your woollens with the respect they deserve. Powered by ProSmart™ Inverter technology, Beko washing machines also carry WoolMark® Apparel care certification and will wash even your most delicate hand-wash woollens with ultimate care. Let that poor sweater be the last one you give away


  • Capacity (kg): 8
  • Time Delay: 0-24h
  • Remain Time Display: Yes
  • Durable Heater: Yes
  • Ball system: Yes
  • Electronic Type: Digital Display
  • Water Inlet: Single (cold)
  • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm): 1200
  • Number of Programs: 16
  • Program-1: Cottons Eco
  • Program-2: Cottons
  • Program-3: Synthetics
  • Program-4: Woollens
  • Program-5: Hand Wash
  • Program-6: Babyprotect
  • Program-7: Dark Care
  • Program-8: Spin+Drain
  • Program-9: Rinse
  • Program-10: Shirts
  • Program-11: Mix 40
  • Program-12: Aqua 40’40?
  • Program-13: Gentle Care 20
  • Program-14: Hygiene 20°
  • Program-15: Xpress Super Short
  • Program-16: Daily Xpress
  • Woolmark: Woolmark Apperal Care (Silver)
  • Drum Pattern: AquaWave
  • Side Wall Type: S shape
  • Unbalanced Load Control: Yes
  • Over Flow Safety: Yes
  • Automatic Water Adjustment System: Yes
  • Emergency Water Drain Hose: Yes
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