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Sharp 720L Pelican Series J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator SJP88MFGM

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720L Capacity

In-Door Ice Maker

Hybrid Cooling System

Door Alarm

Large Vegetable Case

Freezer Organiser

Express Freezing


Sharp Pelican Refrigerator SJP88MFGM

The Sharp Pelican Refrigerator offers many features ranging from the Hybrid Cooling System to the Express Freezing system. 

The Hybrid Cooling System is a feature that helps prevent excessive dryness, uneven cooling and overcooling. Therefore, customers can fret not when placing their food inside the fridge as the Sharp Pelican Refrigerator ensures consistency in all aspects. 

Besides that, this fridge also has the Express Freezing option which can greatly boost the freezing speed of the fridge, just in case if you need to get that ice that much faster.

Other features also include, a door alarm system that ensures you keep your fridge door close properly. Additionally, the compartments of this fridge are well-organised like the freezer organiser that ensures that the food that you want to freeze is segregated accordingly.


Gross Capacity (L): 720

Net Capacity (L) - Total: 600

Net Capacity (L) - Refrigerator: 422

Net Capacity (L) - Freezer: 178

Dimension (mm) - W x H x D: 865 x 1870 x 740

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