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Midea Water Heater with DC Pump - MID-MWH38U3GR

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Low Noise DC Pump

Overheat Protection

Japan JST Connector

3.8kW Power Output

Anti Dry-heating Protection

AG + Antibacterial


Midea Water Heater with DC Pump - MID-MWH38U3GR

The Midea Water Heater is a heater that is efficient and safe to use. Setup with different features and function makes this heater one of the more versatile heaters in the market.

One of the features the Midea Water Heater includes the low noise DC pump feature that lowers the noise of the water when you are showering. And with the Splash-proof IP25 Standard, one does not be afraid of this water heater being affected by water splashes for it is highly resistant to it. 

Besides that, Midea Water Heater also has a defense mechanism that protects users from scalding themselves from overheat as the heater is integrated with the overheat protection and with the precise thermal cut-out, Midea Water Heater ensures that the water temperature is always within a safe range.  


  • Voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Power: 3800W
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Noise DC Pump
  • Splash-proof IP25 Standard
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