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Toush T1100SWHSP DC Pump Smart Water Heater

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High Gloss Acrylic Panel Finishing

Spin Line Chrome Knob Finishing

IP25 Splash Proof Casing


Toush T1100SWHSP DC Pump Smart Water Heater

This smart water heater is a multi-functional with a variety of useful features that make it a staple to anyone's home.

Built beautifully and elegantly, this water heater has a high gloss acrylic panel finishing alongside a spin line chrome knob finishing. Therefore, this water heater is not only performance-driven, but it is also stunning in terms of looks for it capsulate the elements of elegance and class.

The defense mechanism is top-notch for this water heater for it uses a double thermal safety protection that encompass a total of 55°C Anti-Scalding Thermal Cut Off and 90°C to Prevent Abnormal Overheat Thermal Cut Off which serves as precautionary measures for any instances of emergency.

All in all, this water heater delivers greatly in performance and is definitely a must for a perfect home.


  • Voltage : 240V~ 50Hz
  • Power : 3.6kW
  • Size(mm) : 425 x 208 x 102
  • Weight: 2.1kg
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