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Panasonic "iT" Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-BJ870SV47/TV47

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Cordless cyclone type

2.2 kg lightweight

Seamless Cleaning

Full Capture Power Nozzle

High efficiency & Energy Saving

Dust Sensor


Seamless Cleaning

Unique Swivel Nozzle turns shape at hand without touch. You can clean every nook and cranny without having to change nozzles.

Cleaning up dirt in the corner,Full Capture Power Nozzle

Full Capture Power Nozzle allows you to reach to the wall edges and clean every corner. Original design from Panasonic, where the front cover opens and the rotating brush cleans every corner while reaches to the wall. Even places that tend to collect dust can be cleaned.

Dust Sensor controls power automatically

The dust sensor senses dust particles, and controls and saves power. Dust particles as small as 20 um or so can be detected. The indicator at the grip tells you how dusty it is. And you will know how clean it is now.

As a Handy Cleaner

Can be used as stick or handy style. Simply change to handy cleaning style to clean on the shelf or on the stairs. Equipped by convenient attachment “Dusting Brush” for firm cleaning on the shelf.

Slim Storage

The i-shaped wall hooking style is slim and stylish.


Type: Cordless Stick

Dust Collection: Cyclone

Battery: Li-ion

Run time: High : Approx. 10 min

Run time: Auto : Approx. 15-30 min

Charging Time: Approx. 3 hours

Floor Nozzle: "IT" Swivel Power-Nozzle

Weight: 2.2 kg

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