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Midea Garment Steamer MID-GS150D

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Removable Water Tank

3-Level Steaming

Dual Temperature Protection

Multiple Anti-Bend Steam Tube


Midea Garment Steamer MID-GS150D

A garment steamer that delivers in performance and efficiency and with features that greatly improves its performance to a degree that maximizes users experience. 

One of its features is like the fast heat up where it only takes this garment steamer to heat up in just a mere 60 seconds, saving users a lot of precious time. Besides that, there are three different kinds of steaming levels where users can choose in regards to their preferences. 

Intelligently designed as well, this garment steamer comes with a 9-hole big sized steam head, meaning that it releases gas at a higher capacity, improving its overall performance. 

Additionally, this garment steamer also comes with a removable water tank where users can conveniently remove for cleaning or change water from. Also, the steam tube for this garment steamer is the anti-bend type which protects the tube from being damaged which may be a hindrance to the operation. 


  • Power(W): 1500-1785
  • Removable Water Tank: 1.5L
  • Steam Tube: Anti-bend
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